If everything is clean, then what’s the fear

Delhi High court asked Delhi University on GRC ISSUE: If everything is ‘clean’, then what’s the fear.

On Friday The Delhi High Court asked the University Of Delhi (DU) that if everything is “clean and tidy”, a judicial order comprising two lawyers and a judge of the High Court was reconstituted by removing two academics and two judges. Why does GRC feel the “threat”?

A bench of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Subramaniam Prasad said that DU seems to be more concerned about its credibility as to why outsiders are included in the reconstituted GRC by the August 7 order. The university has filed a petition challenging the court order.

Hearing the petition, the court said, “If you are very clean, what are you at risk?” Why are you making it a personal issue? The committee will only handle the grievances of the students. ” The university said that the reorganization of GRC has shocked the credibility of its members and former members of the committee. Bench asked the GRC about having threats due to outsiders and having also threat to the credibility of the internal administration of DU.

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DU urged the bench to allow him to do his work without the intervention of an outsider. The University also suggested that the former four members of the committee be re-inducted and a retired judge of the High Court be made the chairman of the committee. However, the bench refused to accept this suggestion.

Instead, the court suggested an option under which a member excluded from the committee should be included in the reconstituted GRC and made it a six-member committee to make a retired judge of the High Court its chairman. DU accepted this motion of the court. The bench then inducted Professor SC Rai into the committee as the sixth member and said that the committee would start functioning from Friday.

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