Big relief to lawyers in lockdown, lawyers can move anywhere by showing an ID card

Big relief to lawyers in lockdown, lawyers can move anywhere by showing an ID card

The Delhi government told the High Court on Tuesday that there is no need for a curfew pass for the lawyers to move in the lockdown enforced due to the Corona epidemic. The government has said that lawyers can move anywhere by showing their valid identity cards. The government has given this information to the High Court while replying to the petition filed on behalf of a lawyer.

Justice Suresh Kumar Kait has now told the Delhi Police and other concerned authorities after hearing the Delhi government’s favor that if a lawyer shows his valid identity card, he should not be stopped. Along with this, he disposed of the plea of ​​advocate Dharmendra. He had said in the petition that the police are forcing the lawyers to forcibly pass the curfew and ask them to make an e-pass.


It was said in the petition that under the order issued on 19 April 2021, lawyers do not need to pass but only their identity card is valid. At the same time, despite this, its police officers are harassing the lawyers.

Lockdown extended till 31 May in Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday, 23 May, announced to increase the lockdown in the capital for another week, saying that the process of ‘unlock’ in a phased manner from May 31 if the Covid-19 cases continue to decrease. Kejriwal said that I consulted several people and the general opinion was in favor of increasing the lockdown for another week, so the Delhi government has decided that the lockdown will be extended till five in the morning of 31 May.

The Chief Minister said that if the lockdown were lifted now, the success achieved after so many struggles, hard work, and sacrifice of the last one month can be lost. He said that if infection cases continue to decline for the next one week and people take precautions against Covid with strict discipline, as they have done so far, we will start the unlocking process from May 31. He said that the ban will not be removed from all things at once. The process of unlocking will start gradually by approving some activities from 31 May.

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