Supreme Court to Khaap Members: Punishment for doing Love to someone is a worse form of Crime.

Recently, the Supreme Court has made a strong comment about a 30-year old honor killing case. The Supreme Court on 05/01/2021 heard an honor killing case. The court said in this hearing that no person can be punished just because he has loved. Punishing for love is a completely heinous crime.

In 1991 the same matter was heard by the Supreme Court. In this incident, a Dalit youth, his cousin, and a young woman were killed following a decree from Khap Panchayat. The bodies of the three were found hanging from the tree. The incident was so heinous that private parts of the youth were also burnt before hanging on the tree. There was also a lot of uproar in this heinous incident in UP’s Mathura district.

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Panchayat gave death decree

Actually, the young man and her family members were not ready for marriage after which both ran away from home. In this work, the young man’s cousin helped the loving couple. After some time, the lover’s couple returned to the village. But there was a panchayat in the village and the order to kill the three was issued. In the name of honor, this disgusting incident was justified in the panchayat.

Can’t punished to love someone

In this case, the lower court has sentenced eight convicts to death. In 2016, when the matter reached the Allahabad High Court, the death sentence was changed to life imprisonment. Many of these convicts had appealed in the Supreme Court on health grounds. During the hearing of which Chief Justice S. A. Bobde has made this comment “ that no one can be punished simply because he has loved”.


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