Daily Updates 15 Aug 2020


LEGAL UPDATES 15 Aug 2020  INDEPENDENCE DAY: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the launch of National Digital Health from today. Special training will be provided to about one lakh cadets. ISRAEL-INDIA COOPERATION: Israel has given state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence-based technologies and high-end equipment to AIIMS, Delhi as part of Israel-India cooperation to fight the ongoing COVID-19 […]

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Need of Feedback Platform for Behaviour of Employees and General Public

The use of good manners in conversation signifies respect and etiquette. Etiquette refers to courteous behavior and can help in making relationships with people, whether it applies in the workplace or social gathering. As some work environments move toward more informal workspaces and open spaces, good manners become more important for building teamwork and positive […]

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