Advocates Protection Act Bhopal

Advocates Protection Act Bhopal.
Advocates of the state made the state government subject to the implementation of the Advocate Protection Act. Congress Rajya Sabha member and advocate Vivek Tankha has also stood with the lawyers. At the same time, the state government has suggested that this act will be legalized by bringing it to the meeting again.
The act was discussed in the recent Crane meeting, but there was no consensus among the artists, due to which the proposal was not cleared. Now Law and Legislative Affairs Minister PC Sharma are trying to take the artists in confidence along with advocating for lawyers. Artists argue that lawyers have a lot of rights. It will not be right to give them more rights.
Shivraj Singh Chauhan tried-
The then Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan had also tried to implement the Advocate Protection Act. He called the lawyers’ panchayat and announced it. At the same time it was assured that the Act would be implemented soon, but like election promises, this promise also remained incomplete.
Synopsis of Act like this:
Threatening lawyers will also become non-bailable offenses after the Advocate Protection Act takes legal form. Harassment, assault, use of criminal force, and reprimand with those doing judicial business will also be considered punishable offenses. In this, the convict can also be imprisoned for three months.
There is also a preparation to resolve the cases of lawyers by bringing them to fast track court soon.
Tankha reminded the verses
Vivek Tankha tweeted that the Advocate Protection Act is included in the Congress stanza. Chief Minister Kamal Nath also promised lawyers at the Jabalpur Legal Conclave. This act should be implemented soon.
The Advocate Protection Act was discussed in the last counter meeting. The proposal will be again proposed at the next meeting, incorporating suggestions from the artists. This act will be applicable for the protection of lawyers in the state.
– PC Sharma, Law Minister
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