Need of Feedback Platform for Behaviour of Employees and General Public

The use of good manners in conversation signifies respect and etiquette. Etiquette refers to courteous behavior and can help in making relationships with people, whether it applies in the workplace or social gathering. As some work environments move toward more informal workspaces and open spaces, good manners become more important for building teamwork and positive communication between colleagues.
In recent years, as we can see that most of the government employees or servants while providing services and during their duty and working hours. At that time they lacked the manners and manners to deal with the public at large and it is the public / common man who feels frustrated and embarrassed.
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The terminology “Government employees/servants” will not be limited only to individuals of PSUs, banks, organizations, etc. but also those who are in administration, executive, and judiciary.
Through this post, I just want to draw your attention on this matter that this has become a serious issue and I want to suggest here that there should be an active and regular feedback platform for everyone like as public servant including any citizen who Personnel working with that government can give their quick response and which help to change their behavior and in return will get the results of the investigation done within the stipulated period of time i.e., maximum 15 days.
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